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Gail Pettis
и ансамбль
Алексея Черемизова

Gail Pettis is a remarkably original song stylist who does not bring to mind Billie or Ella or Sarah or any other vocalist, past or present. In jazz, she found an ideal outlet for expressing herself as an individual. “It feels like I’ve been looking for this all my life,” she explains. “Jazz invites you to be yourself, and that really appeals to me. You’re not required to sound like anyone else nor do you ever have to sing a song the same way twice. Jazz only asks that you live in the moment. That is tremendously freeing.”  

Gail Pettis: Cultivating Creative Freedom  

Филармония джазовой музыки

Филармония джазовой музыки
Март 18, 2016

Gail Pettis

Gail Pettis — vocal;
Алексей Черемизов — фортепиано;
Кирилл Бубякин — саксофон;
Николай Затолочный — контрабас;
Гарий Багдасарьян — ударные.